Viking Era

Vikings' age spanned nearly four centuries. He has left us a wealth of wealth through artistic movements that have succeeded over the centuries. the numerous archaeological excavations still bring to light appreciable pieces, proof that the Scandinavian people were not barbarians but fabulous craftsmen.

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Viking Purses

Eide purse  En stock

Small purse, recreation from the excavations of Eide (Norway) and exhibited at the Bergen Museum with its weights found inside. Late fifth century Vendel period Made in goatskin, sewn with the thread of flaxen linen Dimensions without cord: Closed 8.5cm X 7cm - Open 8.5cm X 17cm 2 items available Price per one 15 €

Gokstad purse

here is the recreation of the Gokstad (Norway) purse, found in the tomb of a rich chieftain, late ninth century. It was probably used to carry money or bars of gold. Made in vegetable tanned leather, the inner lining is red wool, sewing with waxed linen thread. The cord is made of deer leather. Dimensions: Width 7 cm height 6.5 cm

Birka period Purse


Viking arm bracer

scandinavian scabbards

Blunted scramasax and its scabbard

A pretty scabbard incised according to the York excavation piece (dated 900-1100). Made from a 2.5 mm thickness vegetal tanned leather, waxed linen thread sewing, alcohol dye in 2 tones. Scabbard length 38cm. Scramasax dimensions : Total length 43cm, blade length 27cm