You will find in this section all the contemporary, fantastic, of medieval inspiration or even steampunk produc tions ; all that does not have a direct link with History

Period's categories

Personalized wallet

Baby Yoda card holder

Small Mandalorian themed card holder. Made of 3 layers of vegetal tanned leather 1mm thick, the card holder is quite flexible. It can accommodate driving license, payment card, loyalty cards, business cards and some banknotes Dimensions: Width 10.5cm, Height 9cm

Leather Wallet

Personalized wallet: on the front side is a faithful reproduction of the customer's tattoo and on the back his nickname. Vegetable tanned leather, 2 inside pockets, closure with 2 collar buttons dimensions: 18 cm long, 9 cm high

Leather embossed portraits

Leather embossed portaits

Arm bracer

Arm Bracer

Arm bracer with riveted leather plates for a mercenary. A few hours spent in geometric calculations, cut-outs, hole drills and adjusted riveting. Fully vegetable tanned leather, dye voluntarily aged on the bracer and leather squares.

Dog accessories

Dog training halter

Halter made in vegetal tanned leather of different thicknesses. Name of the dog on the muzzle flange gold dyed. Historical "flower" pattern stamped. Brass buckle

Medieval dog collar

length 52cm, width 4cm, leather thickness 3mm. 5cm double bar buckle, ring for leash and boar brass mounts. Vintage brown dyed and motto "In cruce Figaris" (go and be crucified !! mouaaarf) in gold dye

Jester accessories

Jester purses set

The wealthy jesters liked to show it and the number of purses hanging on their belts revealed the level of notoriety of the latter. This purse set was made of goatskin and cow leather, the embroidery was made with linen thread

Jester garter

The jesters of the Middle Ages were exuberant, and they were recognized as much by their attire as by the sound of the many bells that tinkled as they wandered and danced. This garter has 10 fins with 7 bells for each low palm). The high palms will be equipped with smaller bells