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Lochem hand purse

This hand purse is a replica of an excavation piece found in Lochem (Netherlands). Purse made of vegetable tanned leather, goatskin and turned calfskin; it is made up of 2 compartments and 2 pouchlets on the front. The pattern on the flap has just been incised. The 2 straps have been fitted with homemade brass strapends; the high position of the latter is rather strange. In my opinion, it is the weight of the straps that keeps the flap in closed position. Walnut stain and golden brown dye, manual sewing using natural waxed linen thread. Dimensions: 17cm X 17cm

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This purse is the exact reproduction of a Dutch excavation piece found in Smeerenburg on the island of Spitsbergen. Small in size (16cm long by 10cm high), it can be put in a garment pocket or in a bag. Made of vegetable tanned leather and turned calfskin, walnut stain dyeing, fullyly handmade sewing with waxed linen thread. The brass strapend was made by me. Price 120 €