Gallo Roman

The Gallo-Roman period covers a period beginning with the conquest of Gaul (2nd century BC, we often quote the year -121) at the end of the Western Roman Empire (476 AD).

Period's categories

2nd century AD germanic belt

2nd century AD germanic belt

A very beautiful project that this belt as well as the purse of the same period: Germanic belt and its 2nd century purse made for a village chief of the Chatti tribe based on the banks of the Rhine on the border of the Empire. It was very interesting to research this period that I did not know; long hours of work on the belt, almost 800 holes in the awning for decorative embroidery. Belt and purse in vegetable tanned collar and goatskin with short hair, mahogany dyeing, stitching with linen thread in natural dyeing, buckle and bronze pendants by REPLIK SHOP

2nd century AD germanic purse

2nd century AD Germanic leather purse with goat skin and boar tooth clasp

Gallic Shoes

Gallic shoes (children size on photos)